WELCOME to                                           BIKRAM YOGA SCHWABING

We offer the world renowned method of 26+2 postures in our beautiful hot room, right in the heart of Schwabing. The Yoga is suitable for all students regardless of age, advancement or body. It is always the right time to come in and do your Yoga!


The series works on connecting the body with the breath, harmonizing the heart and the lungs and the 90 minute class is the optimal opportunity to gain greater body awarenss, focus & discipline.


Physically, the series strengthens your back, your legs, your stomach, your arms, your entire body. Your lungs, your heart, your organs are vitalized. Your cardiovascular system, your digestive system, your hormone system, your nervous system is energized. Get your immune system back on track.




You do not need to register in advance. It is enough if you come to the studio 20-30 minutes before the beginning of the course.



"You're never too young, never too old, never

too crazy to start over today"

-Bikram Choudhury